What should be paid attention to when purchasing

               What should be paid attention to when purchasing


1. The specifications and models of the purchased materials must be consistent with the purchase plan (purchasing must have a purchase plan).


2. The quality standards of the purchased materials must be consistent with the arrival (conscientiously do a good job in the acceptance of the arrival).


3. When purchasing materials, it is best to choose a payment method that is beneficial to you (use payment after qualified, payment after acceptance, payment after delivery, delivery with payment, prepayment, and finally there is no way to pay before delivery)


In addition, the delivery date, delivery location, transportation cost, etc. must be agreed upon with the other party. At the same time, when signing the contract, fill in the standard sample.


Is there any payment after acceptance of the goods? I havent encountered any purchases that can be paid after inspection. It can only be inspected by the supplier in the past, and then paid in cash, or transfer money...


When purchasing cash products, you must pay attention to acceptance. No matter how busy the time is, you must check it before you can pay. Otherwise, once the manufacturer gets the money, there will be problems with quality. Even if you don't stray, you still have to make more calls before you can handle it.


What principles should be followed in the procurement process and what details should be paid attention to in order to maximize the procurement efficiency? Purchasing experts proposed to apply the "5R" principle to guide corporate procurement activities, that is, to buy back the required quantity of items from the appropriate supplier at the appropriate price at the appropriate time.


Right Price


Price is always a sensitive focus on procurement activities. One of the most important points for companies in procurement is how much procurement funds can be saved. Therefore, procurement personnel has to spend a lot of time and energy on "bargaining" with suppliers. on. Item price


The qualification is related to the type of the item, whether it is a long-term purchase, whether it is a large-scale purchase and the relationship between supply and demand in the market. At the same time, it is also related to the familiarity of the purchaser with the market situation of the item. If the purchaser fails to grasp the pulse of the market, the supplier will quote Sometimes it is possible to "deceive" purchasing personnel. A suitable price can only be obtained through the following efforts.


Obtain quotations from multiple channels: This not only requires quotations from channel suppliers, but also some new suppliers. Companies may have been cooperating with some existing suppliers for several years, but their prices may not be favorable. After obtaining the multi-channel quotation, the company will have a general understanding of the market price of the item and compare it.


Price comparison: As the saying goes, "shop around", because the professional purchase maybe a piece of equipment worth one million or ten million yuan or a component with an annual purchase amount of ten million yuan, which requires the purchaser to be cautious. Since the conditions contained in the quotations of suppliers are often different, the purchasing personnel must convert the conditions in the quotations of different suppliers to the same before they can compare. Only in this way can they get a true and credible comparison result.


Bargaining: After the price comparison link, select the most appropriate two to three quotation links. With further in-depth communication, not only can detailed procurement requirements be communicated to suppliers, but also can be further "bargained". The first quotation of suppliers often contains "moisture". However, if the purchased items are in a sellers market, even if you negotiate face-to-face with suppliers, the actual results achieved in the end may be lower than expected.


Pricing: After the above three steps, the price acceptable to both buyers and sellers will be used as the official purchase price in the future. Generally, two to three suppliersquotations must be maintained. The prices of these two or three suppliers may be the same or different.


Right Quality


An enterprise that does not value quality cannot gain a foothold in today's fierce market competition. An excellent purchaser must not only be a smart businessman but also play the role of a manager to a certain extent in daily purchasing work. Part of the time should be allocated to promote suppliers to improve and stabilize product quality.


The serious consequences of the quality of purchased items not meeting the requirements for use are obvious:


Incoming materials are of poor quality, which often causes relevant personnel within the enterprise to spend a lot of time and energy to deal with them, which will increase a lot of management costs. Incoming materials are of poor quality, and extra time and energy are often spent on re-inspection and selection, resulting in increased inspection costs; Incoming materials are of poor quality, leading to increased rework of the production line, reducing product quality, and reducing production efficiency; Incoming materials causing production due to poor quality Delays in the plan may result in failure to deliver to the customer as promised, which will reduce the customers trust in the company; if the customer returns the product due to poor quality of the incoming material, the company may suffer more losses, or even lose it in serious cases client.


Right Time


The company has arranged a production plan. If the raw materials fail to meet the schedule, it will often cause confusion within the company, that is, stoppages will occur. When the product cannot be shipped as planned, it will cause strong customer dissatisfaction. If the raw materials are bought too much time in advance and placed in the warehouse waiting for production, it will cause too much inventory and a large backlog of procurement funds. This is a very taboo thing for enterprises. Therefore, procurement personnel must play the role of coordinator and supervisor. Encourage suppliers to deliver on schedule. For some companies, the timing of delivery is very important.


Right Quantity


Although it is possible to obtain quantity discounts for bulk purchases, it will result in a backlog of purchase funds, which is too small to meet production needs, so it is reasonable


It is very important to determine the purchased quantity. Generally, purchase according to the economic order quantity. The purchaser must not only supervise the supplier's delivery on time but also emphasize the delivery according to the order quantity.


Right Place


The weather is not as good as the geographical location. It is easy for companies to gain the initiative in cooperation with suppliers that are close to each other. When selecting pilot suppliers, it is best for companies to choose close suppliers for implementation. Short-distance supply not only makes the communication between buyers and sellers more convenient, and handles affairs faster, but also reduces procurement logistics costs.


More and more companies even consider the "clustering effect" of selecting suppliers at the beginning of the establishment of factories, that is, whether they can find most of the suppliers needed by the company in the surrounding areas, which has an immeasurable effect on the long-term development of the company. effect.


Procurement personnel all have the experience that when it is difficult to integrate one aspect of the above-mentioned "5R" in actual procurement work, it is necessary to sacrifice other aspects. For example, if you put too much emphasis on quality, the supplier will not be able to supply at the lowest price in the market, because the supplier has invested a lot of energy in quality control, and it will inevitably pass on part of the cost in this area to its customers. Therefore, purchasing personnel must take a comprehensive view of the overall situation and accurately grasp the company's requirements for all aspects of the purchased products, so as to make reasonable requirements when negotiating with suppliers, so as to strive for more opportunities to obtain reasonable quotations from suppliers.


In short, only comprehensive consideration can achieve the best procurement, which requires procurement implementation personnel to accumulate experience in long-term practical operations.


Don't keep the price to the lowest when purchasing. The lowest price may not be of good quality. It will be very troublesome if customers can't use it.