7 tips for decorating your dream house

7 tips for decorating your dream house


Go out brightly and beautifully every day, at home pig nest battlefield.
Every little fairy who loves beauty has to bear the chaos brought about by buying and selling!
They are all the little babies that were exchanged for Grandpa Mao,
piled on the table and ground like tatters, won't your conscience hurt!


Your cosmetics, bags, clothes, and shoes need to be placed properly, and storage is the best place to go!
There are so many good-looking skins and too few interesting souls, but there are a lot of them both.
These storages recommended by the little fairies today are all high-value talents!
No need to envy those cold and artistic homes on ins, we can build it for dozens of dollars!


Stylish old iron with a capacity

The iron element has been very popular in recent years, and the toughness reveals the fashion, with a strong retro feel.
You can always see a lot of wrought iron storages on ins, such as grids, racks, laundry baskets...
To be honest, any storage can be changed seventy-two after encountering old iron, and it is full!


Many people think that wrought iron materials are more suitable for some American style or loft-style homes.
In fact, it is okay. Many simple design suggestions are suitable for storage.


1. Wall wrought iron grid

The wrought iron grid of, the earliest planting grass, was swiped by the Internet celebrity bloggers on ins.
Put it in front of the desk, hanging notes, photos, watches, jewelry, and other small items, which saves space and is full of girls' hearts.
In addition to the desk, the kitchen can also be hung, with the Shook, it is the best wall storage, all kinds of kitchen utensils can be held!


2. Rose gold iron storage basket

The small objects in the room always make the room look messy, and a proper storage basket will undoubtedly
make the whole look neater and refreshing. The dazzling rose gold makes your life in black, white, and gray bling.
Put it on the coffee table in the living room or in the bathroom, put some magazines, toiletries, towels, keys, data cables,
and other small things, plus green plants as the background.
In this way, it not only looks good but also achieves the purpose of storage, the best of both worlds.

3. Wrought iron cloth laundry basket storage basket

Dirty clothes are piled on chairs, sofas, beds... Mom has 3 seconds to reach the battlefield!
I'm so scared, I threw it into your cheap plastic basin...
excuse me?
Iron laundry baskets are popular now, and you can always see them on ins!

However, after reading a lot of evaluations, I found that bad quality iron dirty clothes baskets are easy to hang clothes,
but you don
t want to lower the style, you can choose this kind of dirty clothes basket combined with iron art.
The tough iron art combined with cotton and linen cloth art is close to nature.
Japanese style is very eye-catching when placed in the bedroom.
Large capacity piled in the bathroom, sentimental and able to hold dirty clothes, awesome!


4. Bohemian straw

Straw weaving has blown up in the fashion circle this year, and even the furniture circle has not let it go.
All kinds of natural-style straw storage invaded the home on each ins, and of course, it also includes the heart of buying and buying~
The capacity is large and the value is high, where it is the scenery!

The kitchen stores various bottles and jars of spices, the bathroom stores toiletries, skincare products, and dirty clothes,
and the room stores clothes, keys, data cables, and other small things.
There is no need to think about the brain when cleaning up, and there is no need for P-pictures for posing.
Buying and buying is the greatest respect for it!


5.Covered Straw Storage Box

The earthy and earthy straw woven storage box comes with a Japanese-style retro atmosphere,
which has a sense of life and is warmer when placed at home.
The clamshell design prevents dust and can be stacked in multiple layers.
It occupies a small area and has a lot of storage space. It is suitable for daily necessities such as CDs, newspapers, fruit tea sets, toys, and sundries.
The natural material is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and the fresh and natural shape is a kind of decoration.


6.Seagrass Belly Basket foldable straw storage basket

This ins is very hot, dirt-resistant, and breathable, and has a large capacity, and can be installed.
Packing toys, storing cosmetics, skincare products, etc. is no problem.
Buy a smaller one and put some green plants in it, and put it in any corner of the house.
The most intimate thing is that it can be folded and stuffed when not in use.


7. Japanese nostalgic cotton and linen storage basket

It is flexible, decorated with magic horse toys, remote controls, power banks, and so on.
It is full of a retro feel. It is made of washable cotton and linen.
It has good air permeability, thick texture, stiff fabric, not easy to fold, and wrinkles, wear-resistant, and dirt-resistant.
Everywhere is the most beautiful background board.